Marcio Barrios

Frontend developer interested in design systems and the React ecosystem, currently working at Sketch.

I enjoy coding Javascript or Typescript with React, design tokens with any CSS-in-JS solution (preferably styled-components or Stitches), GraphQL, React Testing Library and Cypress. I'm also interested in Node, UI interactions and animations, tooling and any kind of automation.

I’ve built some npm packages and some side projects, for example a free and simple retrospective facilitation tool or a travel blog where I share some of my trips.

Before joining Sketch, I worked at Xing, a big German professional network and Tuenti, at that time the biggest social network in Spain.

Still here? Do you want to know more about me?

I am half Spanish, half HonduranI live in sunny BarcelonaI love to spend time with family and friendsI travel a lot as a backpacker (my biggest passion by far), I even took a year off to travel around Asia and Latin AmericaI practice different sports (I like to work out too, but that’s not a sport, is it?)I like photography and writing, and the result of both is Viajo Luego Existo, a travel blog